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What you don’t know about Cucumber!

Juicy, crunchy cucumbers don’t just make refreshing summer meals; they are also exceptionally low in calories (just 16 per cup) and are a powerhouse of Vitamin C that keeps your skin glowing and healthy. What more?? They also have 95% water content!! So, cucumbers aren’t merely for munching as your favorite salad; cucumber diet is the secret to that slim, healthy body that you have always been jealous of!! It is an effective and healthy way to cleanse your body from deep inside and lose weight. Being rich in dietary fiber, cucumbers fill up your stomach and are perfect as a great diet food. Now you know why those skinny celebrities survived only on cucumbers! (Winks)
Lose Weight With Cucumber. Cucumbers are rich in water content, almost 95%, and dietary fibers, which are most effective in cleansing the body of harmful toxins released by the digestive system. Thus they promote better digestion.

Moreover, they are exceptionally low in calories, which make them an essential food for weight loss diet. When you eat less calorie content throughout the day, based on cucumber diet, you tend to cut down on your body fat more efficiently and lose weight fast. Worry not!! You will not starve to death when you are on a wholesome ‘cukes’ diet!! When you make a healthy and nutritious cucumber salad with sour cream and oil, it will keep you feeling full for about two to three hours. This way, the healthy diet also facilitates losing weight and getting that slim figure that you always desired. With little appetite and your stomach feeling full for long, you will be less prone to eat frequently. Thus, your total calorie intake for the day further trims down, making you lose body fat faster.

“A cucumber diet, with ample physical exercises along with a healthy lifestyle, is the key mantra to burn fats. No crash diets, no starving; even you can be the proud owner of beautiful, healthy body that you always dreamed of.”

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