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Herbal Weight Loss Program


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Ultimate Fitness is more than a weight loss program, a life changer in fact. Herbal medication helps you lose weight. Our medicines are herbal and organic thus making them free of any side effects, rest assured all our medicines are approved by Pakistan’s leading labs. We have different potency available which includes; Herbal Extract, Herbal Powder, Herbal Pills and Soft Gels.

Ultimate Fitness weight loss program is a pure herbal treatment. All Our products are approved by PCSIR. With over 50,000 customers database we haven’t had any complains regarding the side effects of our products.Ultimate Fitness products are very safe to consume that even a 7 year old kid, 5th Month pregnant lady, lactating mother, BP, cardiac, diabetic patients, even patients who has gone through by-pass surgery can also use our products.

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Way Of Your Journey

Future Regainings Not A Chance!

As we have mentioned before that Ultimate Fitness’s weight loss program is prioritized towards losing weight with the ease of mind. So our main aim is to change your diet in such a way that you can consume as much amount of food as you want but go for eating healthy food. We also allow you to consume carbohydrates on daily basis for the fact that even after our program you can consume carbohydrates i.e. bread, chapatti, rice etc. Secondly, after you have achieved your desired weight we will recommend you a diet that will help you in maintaining your weight and gradually you will get used to our diet. As long as you follow our diet plan and our program religiously we can assure you that you will not regain your weight in future

Your Journey of Weight Loss with Us

Due to our trusted history of more than 8 years in this industry we have trimmed our weight loss program so perfect in such a way that you can have no fuss while you are on your way to shed pounds. We believe in long term and natural results, that is why we have come up with a diet plan that is very friendly and in which you can consume only healthy diet.
We don’t need you to starve to lose weight. So Keep Calm and Lose Weight With Ultimate Fitness.


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No More Calorie Count Diets

Ultimate Fitness is the only weight loss program where you don’t have to follow any calorie count diet plan, which means that now you can eat everything you want including carbohydrates such as rice and chapatti and we are allowing you to consume healthy homemade food as much as you want. We want you to lose weight with the ease of mind that is why we don’t urge you to change your daily eating routines. Though, the only thing we humbly request from our clients is to stay away with junk foods or sweets as they are naked carbs that have no use except for weight gain.

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